God Bless America

My biggest inspiration is Black America and what they’ve done in the arts. I have always felt like an outsider in America, and what Black Americans have done to add their chapter to this book called the American dream, and to be so unapologetic and true, and have added so much to art and culture in the world. ~ Hasan Minhaj


Gathering of the Tribes
A Reckoning for Humanity

Barbara Blake

As America goes, so goes the world. This issue is devoted to American Black culture, which is loved and enjoyed by millions everywhere. It is, in fact, the joyous, graceful, leading-edge inspiration for contemporary world culture from Oslo to Paris, Tokyo to Sydney and beyond.

The legacy of slavery in America echoes the ancient hatreds and wars of every nation, creed & color throughout history. The latest hammer-blow to our view of ourselves as a free and fair nation was the atrocity of George Floyd’s brutal, undeserved and illegal murder by a Minneapolis police officer. It’s all happening in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, record unemployment and catastrophic climate-change. We even got the biblical plague of locusts.

It has our attention. Whether you pray to God, talk to the Universe or think there is nothing beyond the material world, the great “It” is sending messages loud and clear.

We’re being called to evolve. Non-violent, righteous fury at unequal treatment of Black people has risen up, bursting forth into the streets. Black Lives Matter and other organizations have specific policy proposals to address structural issues of racism. With a contentious election straight-ahead, there are a lot of opportunities to upgrade the outdated paradigm we’re living in.

Each of us has a role to play in the fulfillment of the American ideal as expressed by the sacred promise of “liberty and justice for all” in our U.S. Constitution. We the people must protect it and our common humanity from destruction. Yes we can…with open, strong hearts and minds.

Love & light,



In case you missed it

Dave Chapelle: 8:46

Dedicated to the Memory of George Floyd
and All Who Suffer Injustice

Telling The Story With Music

Timeless Songs for Our Time

Living Up to the Ideal 

Sowing the Seeds of a Better Society

Feel Good Music

Talaya’s Contemporary Jazz Playlist for Trying Times

Talaya Trigueros

Talaya can now be heard on SiriusXM Watercolors Channel 66. Monday through Friday 12 Noon to 6pm Pacific and 3 to 9pm Eastern.

She says, “Feeling right at home once again being able to play Pat Metheny, Dave Koz, Miles Davis, Joe Sample and newer artists like Kandace Springs and Vibes Alive.

Contemporary Jazz or C Jazz as we like to refer it has always been “Feel Good” music and at the same time challenging to the senses.  SiriusXM can be heard in your car but there is also an App and you can listen online. The arts and music can bring us altogether as one…humanity!”

Here is my list and they are all new:

Kirk Whalum  “Kwetu”

Ashleigh Smith “In the Rain”

Marcos Ariel “Big Sur Cruise”

Pat Metheny “Same River”

Pete Belasco “Appreciate”

Four 80 East  “Cinco Cinco Seis” – See video below

And this one is not new, but I can listen to it over and over and over again:

Kurt Elling  “Nature Boy”



Tikkun Olam



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