Street Art Around The World

How this graffiti artist made $200 million overnight

Artist David Choe, who painted murals at the headquarters of Facebook Inc.
in exchange for an undisclosed amount of company stock.
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Why Israeli Cities Are Suddenly
International Graffiti Artists

Having realized that graffiti raises real-estate prices, attracts tourism and beautifies urban spaces, cities throughout Israel are hiring artists they once hounded. Find out why here.

London is filled with street art and graffiti hotspots with artists from around the world leaving their mark. Whether you are a seasoned visitor, on your very first trip, or have called this city home for years, it can be sometimes difficult to spot the hidden treasures London has to offer. See them here.

Coolest Street Art Around the World

Whether or not you support street art, most will agree there are some impressive displays worth checking out. Here’s a look at some of the coolest street art around the globe.



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