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Who do you think you are?

Follow the Yellow Brick Road with DNA testing
on the next podcast from The Conversation Lounge

Coming soon!

with special guest Deborah Howell

How much does it matter to you who your ancestors were? Well, imagine you’ve spent your life cultivating kindness to others and learning you’re descended from one of the most brutally murderous tribes on earth, the Vikings. Find out what she did to embrace her inner warrior.

Another came to terms with the enemy within, when she realized half of her DNA, the Spanish conquistador half, was in conflict with the conquered native American half. 

Identity is so closely tied to families, culture and country that it’s often hard to face one that’s vastly different. It’s also liberating and uplifting, a fascinating part of the journey to your most authentic self.

Your origins, ancestry and what your DNA reveals is the focus of our upcoming conversation and you’ll hear it soon on the next podcast from The Conversation Lounge on Citizen Planet.

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We’re engaging in civilized takes on modern, global society. Talking about everything from acorn seeds to Zendaya. Embracing the role of good our neighborhoods, our cities, our countries, our planet.

Applying informed insight into positive activism and having some laughs and a good time doing it.

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