Valerie Geller – Communication Tips

International Author, Consultant, Coach

Valerie Geller

She literally “wrote the book.” It’s called “Beyond Powerful Radio” – A Communicator’s Guide To The Internet Age. That means you, whether you’re a broadcaster talking to millions or selling cat food for a living. If you want to improve your communication skills,  check this space regularly for useful, inspiring tips from Valerie.

Named as one of the “Most Influential Women in Radio” by Radio Ink magazine, in 2010 Geller received The Conclave’s highest honor, the “Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award for Broadcasting.”

She trains broadcasters and communicators throughout the world. In addition to her work in the US, Geller has an international client roster of more than 500 stations in 31 different countries. You can visit Valerie online at or follow her on Twitter.

When you want to improve the way you communicate,  you’re in great hands with Valerie. Here are her fundamental principles:



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