Nick Collione

The Cat From The Big Windy
Guitarist Nick Colionne

Guitarist Nick Colionne combines jazz, R&B, blues and funk with all the style and attitude of his home-town – Chicago. His love for the city is so apparent that when fellow musicians see him arriving for gigs around the world, they invariably say, “Here comes the cat from the big windy.”

Born and raised on Chicago’s West Side, Nick Colionne’s career began by performing and touring with some of the legendary R&B icons of our time, including Natalie Cole, Al Green, The Chi-lites, The Impressions, Curtis Mayfield and The Staples Singers. That city’s deep blues tradition shaped his artistry and is infused into the soulful, sizzlin’ jazz that defines Colionne’s soaring, emotional playing. When asked about the connections between genres, he likes to quote one of jazz’s premier legends: “In the words of Miles Davis, if you can’t play blues, you can’t play jazz.”

In our conversation with music you’ll learn more about the many sides of this stylish, hit-making, award-winning guitarist. Experience his music and magic by clicking on the player. Visit Nick Colionne’s website here.



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