Steve Oliver

Guitarist/Producer Steve Oliver
World Citizen


Steve Oliver’s blond, athletic all-American looks belie a deeply thoughtful, passionate musical personality. He is truly a citizen of the world and dedicates his life to making it a more harmonious place through his music. His latest CD, “World Citizen, has been met with acclaim for its musicality and his deeply personal commitment to the idea that we are in fact a global community. We talk about it in detail in our conversation and discover his terrific sense of humor and a couple of other little known facts about Steve’s life and career. Interspersed with our conversation, you’ll also hear three pieces of music, including two tracks from “World Citizen”  

Get to know more about this vibrant guitarist, his mind and his music in our 30-minute in-depth conversation with music. You can listen by clicking on the player above. Visit Steve’s website here.



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