Paolo Rustichelli

Electric Italian Soul


Italian artist Paolo Rustichelli is both a classically trained musician and a pioneer in the use of synthesizers and other electronic technology. You can easily hear these major influences when you listen to his very groovin’ creations such as “Soul Italiano,” “Vagabond,” and “Paisa,” all of them radio hits. However he arrives at his finished pieces, there’s one quality he infuses into everything, the timeless element of his own soul. He’s a true explorer and adventurer whose spirit has taken him from being a relatively unknown musician in Rome to the world stage as a result of his collaborations with Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and others of that exalted quality. A believer in destiny, Paolo backs it up with a strong drive to be his very best and to associate with fellow artists of the highest caliber. In our conversation he tells the stories of how the hand of destiny combined with his own talent and determination led him to unexpected heights and the inner sanctums of the worlds’ greats. His fierce independence and natural warmth shine through everything he says and does and you can hear it all when you click on the player above to hear us talking and playing his music. Visit Paolo’s website here.



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