Kevin Toney

Pianist/Composer Kevin Toney
Storyteller Extraordinaire


Two-time Grammy nominee pianist/composer Kevin Toney’s music is timeless and classic yet always contemporary. Toney was an original member of the Blackbyrds, has played and worked with the biggest stars in the music business and most recently is an acclaimed soloist with several big hits in the smooth jazz genre. His spiritual life is the foundation of everything he does and in line with that has authored a book titled, “The Virtuous Man.” We talk at length about that, his new CD, “New American Suite” and many aspects of his career and his life in our 30-minute in-depth conversation with music.

The album “New American Suite,” introduces the artist’s dynamic new group, The Kevin Toney 3 (a.k.a. “KT3” featuring Kevin Toney on piano, Michael Bradford on bass and Chris Coleman on drums). New American Suite is a 9-song work that Toney conceptualized with co-direction from music veteran Don Mizel as a salute to the spirit of the United States.

Get to know more about this virtuous man of substance, his mind and his music by clicking on the player above. Visit Kevin’s website here.



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