Gutted by World Events? Get Chuffed with The Great British Baking Show

Feeling Gutted at the State of the World?
Get Chuffed with The Great British Baking Show

Wherever you are on this planet, you are no doubt aware of how utterly nasty people can be. If you’re overloaded on fear, fury, and indignation, try something nice, really nice. It’s The Great British Baking Show on Netflix, numerous seasons of it, ideal for binge watching and tuning out the cares of the world.

You’ll be treated to the lush green lawn of a former country estate that is home to an enormous white baking tent where the action takes place. Even though it’s a competition, the really nice contestants help each other out. And they are all unique, interesting characters from across the spectrum of Brit citizenry. All of them are experienced amateur home bakers, a dozen per season, winners amongst the thousands who tried out for the hit show.

There’s bawdy humor, stringent judging of the amateur bakers by the highly respected & experienced judges, tears and laughter, fierce baking and an overall sense that aside from under-proving, over-baking and soggy bottoms, all is well with the world.

It’s many versions will transport you to where niceness rules. On Netflix now. 

GBBS Trailer



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