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Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. 
~Malcolm Forbes

Pat Prescott, Barbara Blake & Talaya Trigueros
invite you to join us in the Conversation Lounge. 

If it’s part of the human condition, we’re talking about it.
You are an important part of this conversation.


The Power of Words
and Jay-Z’s “4:44”

Hosted by Talaya

What happens when these three close friends disagree? If you care about how words affect the atmosphere, hear our different takes on the value of a message delivered through the filter of hip-hop and its iconic messenger Jay-Z, in his latest groundbreaking release “4:44.” Listen by clicking or swiping the player below.

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Ideas Make a Difference

We’re engaging in civilized takes on modern, global society. Talking about everything from acorn seeds to Zendaya.

Embracing the role of good our neighborhoods, our cities, our countries, our planet.

If it’s part of the human condition, we’re talking about it. Join us. Be part of the conversation.

The ladies in the lounge invite you to connect with us.

You are an important part of the conversation.

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