Paris’s most decadent hot chocolate

Paris’s most decadent hot chocolate
—and how to make it

Your pulse quickens. Your bosom heaves. Look at us one sec? Yep. Pupils fully dilated. 

You’ve just walked into Jacques Genin’s Parisian chocolaterie, and so are, understandably, aroused. Every day starting at 11am, Genin and his chocolatiers whisk together buttery Valrhona cacao bits with fresh, full-cream milk to create (and it’s nothing personal, Angelina): the best hot chocolate in town. Here’s how to make it chez vous, wherever you may be. (Tap and hold to save if reading on your phone.)

In Paris? On the way? Visit Jacques Genin’s chocolate shop at 133 Rue de Turenne, 75003. PS: you can order Valrhona chocolate fèves (chips) online. Google it. 



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